Track preparation for 46th Murmansk ski Marathon is in progress!


1 March-manual works at 8km point uphill. Full length ride by heavy machines.Fresh tracks.Some troubles with dirty snow under Chaika bridge (photos).All ski friends are invited to enjoy marathon trail on the weekend.



Photo by Vladimir Strakhov.


1st full length trail ride by heavy machines.”Chaika” lake causing troubles as usual. All escaped. Trail works at “Chaika” coming soon.


Manual track preparation works in progress!Location-6km from the ski stadium. Went along 5km in a day. Heavy machines start on Feb,16. Planned route-9km from the stadium to the 1st feeding station. Doing our best.




Track preparation in progress. Snag removing downhill the Rog lake. Groomed a big piece of ski track from stadium backwards to 2nd Control point and a little further.


Third ride of the track preparation team. Snow loading under the brigde at Chaika lake. Measurements of ice thickness together with State Inspection of Small Vessels for the Federal Resque Service. Ice thickness - 40-50 centimeters.



Second ride of the track preparation team. 2 heavy snowfalls for the last week changed the quantity of snow immensely. Photos of the Rog lake, the Chaika lake and others. The first draft of the track is ready.


The first ride of the track preparation team along the track. State Inspection of Small Vessels for the Federal Resque Service has only given a permission to prepare track including waterbodies using snowmobiles only. The team spent 3 hours to ride 25 km lap. 1 snowmobile broke and was repaired during the ride. Depth of snow was 35-50 centimeters. The snowmobiles got stuck in several places and the team had to hew stubs. To get some energy a lunch outside was arranged.


Track preparation for 46th Murmansk ski Marathon has started today! A working group (8 snowmobiles) will arrange the first visit to the track to make snow cushion on the 18th of January. The working group consisting 10 specialists will cover all works along 25 km lap including 12 water bodies.

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Просмотров - 739

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